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Nap Time with the Littles

We call our two youngest kiddos "the Littles" because, well, they're little. And we have three teenagers who aren't little. The picture above was taken right around last Christmas-time just a few weeks after Aidan was born. Dad and Mom weren't sleeping. But Dad caught a short nap with the two Littles. A moment of precious peace. I love times like that. They seem so rare.

It's nearly a year later, and everywhere I go I'm hearing about the upcoming Holidays. The mad rush to get the best deals on Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, or whatever (I can never keep track). And I keep thinking, "I don't want this year to be a crazy year." I want it to be simple. And meaningful. I want to have some more nap time with the Littles. And maybe some real quality time with the Bigs. How do I do that?

It seems to me that part of what turns the holiday season into chaos is the lack of a plan. Things keep getting thrown at us. Our friend hosts a party. Our work hosts a party. Something goes on sale. One...

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Whatever You Track Improves

Time and time again, I see it play out personally and professionally: Whatever you track improves. Want to lose weight? Track your exercise. Want to get control of your time? Track how you're spending it. Want to have more money? Track your income and spending. (There's a reason that budgeting and financial planning works.)

When I track my time reading books, I read more books. When I track my time with my family, I spend more time with my family. When I track how many pushups I do, I do more pushups. Anything I want to increase or improve, I track it. And in virtually every case, my results are positive.

Why is that? It's because to track something, you have to give it proper attention. And when you give something proper attention, you think about it even when you're not thinking about it. Your brain goes to work on it even when you're doing other things. Ideas come in your sleep or in the shower. (I've solved many of the worlds problems in the shower.) Resolve strengthens....

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What It's Like to Share a Birthday with 9/11

personal development Sep 11, 2017

My birthday is September 11. When people find that out, they always ask me what it's like to share my birthday with such an historic event. Here's a short answer.

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How To Wake Up Happy Every Day!

personal development Jun 01, 2017

Would you like to wake up happy every day? I have for the past two months. Click below to watch the video and learn what I did. It's sooooo easy. You can do it, too.

(And you can use this tool for so many other things . . . .)

How to Wake Up Happy Every Day!

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My Surprise Self-Awareness Hack

personal development May 17, 2017


I discovered a simple method to increase self-awareness, and to prepare for meaningful interactions with others. Click on the link to watch the video: A Surprise Tool for Self-Awareness

I hope it helps. If you try this out yourself, I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.


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Just Start

personal development Apr 21, 2017

I think it is appropriate that my first Esquire's Corner blog post shares the message to Just Start!

I'll be the first one to tell you that, even though I've spent a lot of time in front of people, I'm scared to start a blog. Given years of speaking and presenting in one of the most high-stress environments anywhere—the courtroom—why would I be scared to start a blog? It's simple. Because I don't know how to blog.

Isn't that the way it always is? I can't tell you how many experiences I've missed out on in my life because I didn't know how to do something, and therefore, I didn't start. Maybe you are the same.

A few months ago, one of my lamps stopped working. It was one of those three-way bulbs, and only one of the settings lit up. In the past, I would have thrown it away in frustration because I certainly wasn't going to pay someone to fix a lamp, and I just knew I couldn't do anything about it because "I'm not handy."

But a thought came to mind: "Maybe, just...

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