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Is Your Family Too Young for an Estate Plan?

A lot of people think estate planning is for the old or the rich. "I have a young family and not very many assets," I hear people say sometimes. Don't cheat yourself or your family just because you haven't yet "arrived" in your financial life or because your life is filled with "childlike" activities.

I have a young family, too. See?

Teenagers and Littles together, just trying to make it through some days. But we have an estate plan. (I realized what would happen if I didn't and I wrote about it in a prior blog post.)

Here's some information to start you thinking about it . . . .

Is Your Family “Too Young” to Need an Estate Plan?

If you are a family with small children, your day-to-day is probably a mix of wiping spills, picking up toys, and somehow stumbling towards the end of the day hoping your kids are fed, bathed, and in one piece! Each day can seem exhausting and time may seem scarce. Estate planning is probably not at the top of your priority list. And you might...

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