LAW: Lawyers Always Win

How Ignorance of the Law is Costing you EVERYTHING!

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Given the title, LAW: Lawyers Always Win, you may think that this book is a lawyer-bashing tome. Not so. On the contrary, I strongly advocate for the effective use and utilization of lawyers in connection with legal issues and disputes. Lawyers provide an incredibly valuable service. It is often said that a person who represents himself in his own case has a fool for a client!

The problem is that many people approach their legal problems with complete ignorance not only of the issues that surround their specific problem, but about the legal system and how it works generally. One of the well-known but hardly acknowledged facts about the American legal system is that it is designed by lawyers for lawyers. And the lawyers always win! That is neither good nor bad. But it is a fact that deserves consideration in making legal decisions.

A person who approaches their divorce case with knowledge of how the system works, what the issues are, and how to effectively work with their lawyer will get through the process twice as fast for less than half the cost. A criminal defendant will fare better, an heir recover more, and an injured person obtain a greater recovery from insurance if that person is better informed. Because when they are better informed, they will be better represented.

In a nutshell, this book could save you (or make you) tens of thousands of dollars. To your empowerment!

—John W. Anderson, Esquire

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