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One Dark & Stormy Night

I don't do scary movies. I don't do haunted houses. I don't place myself in situations to be scared. I learned my lesson years ago.

One dark and stormy night—I'm not kidding, it really was a dark and stormy night—I found myself at my buddy's empty apartment (we lived in the same complex, and he was out of town) where I had decided, on my own and alone, to watch The Ring. Have you seen that movie? It's the one where the haunted evil devilish womanlike creature crawls out of the TV right after the phone rings. Because I don't watch scary movies, I don't even know if that movie is really considered scary. But I thought it was terrifying!

At the end of the movie, I had to go pee. I turned on every light in the apartment and left the door open. Just in case I needed to run. And then I left my friend's apartment and walked across the dark parking lot in the middle of the night, in the rain, to get to my own place. I thought I was going to be killed on the way....

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Should I Take That Job During Divorce?

divorce Oct 02, 2017

Occasionally, people ask me during a divorce case whether they should take a certain job, or quit a certain job, or accept or decline benefits when new choices come their way. They are concerned that their job-related choices will have an impact on their divorce case. Maybe they have an opportunity to get a raise, but that will make it so they don't get as much alimony, or makes it so they will have to pay more alimony. And so they ask, should I take the job?

This video presents my view and advice on the matter. In a nutshell, if you are making all of your life decisions based on how those decisions will impact your divorce case, I think you are looking at the wrong things and living out of fear.

Make decisions the way you normally would. Is the job offer advantageous? Is it work you want to do? Can you work with people that uplift you? Will it lead to more opportunity down the road? Are the benefits good for you, your children, your family? Are the hours what you want? Are they...

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