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Whatever You Track Improves

estate planning personal development Jan 30, 2018

Time and time again, I see it play out personally and professionally: Whatever you track improves. Want to lose weight? Track your exercise. Want to get control of your time? Track how you're spending it. Want to have more money? Track your income and spending. (There's a reason that budgeting and financial planning works.)

When I track my time reading books, I read more books. When I track my time with my family, I spend more time with my family. When I track how many pushups I do, I do more pushups. Anything I want to increase or improve, I track it. And in virtually every case, my results are positive.

Why is that? It's because to track something, you have to give it proper attention. And when you give something proper attention, you think about it even when you're not thinking about it. Your brain goes to work on it even when you're doing other things. Ideas come in your sleep or in the shower. (I've solved many of the worlds problems in the shower.) Resolve strengthens. The universe somehow responds and sends opportunities your way.

Tracking works in the law, too. Indeed, tracking is a vital part of my estate planning practice. Before clients ever meet with me, they complete a very comprehensive Inventory and Assessment. Many clients say they've never been as financially on top of things as they became just preparing for our meeting. They see where their assets are, in what form, in what amounts, and they often see ways they can increase their holdings simply from going through the process of finding and assessing them all.

Then, when we design a plan together to use and pass on their assets, I provide them with a Funding Toolkit, which helps them make sure their assets aren't lost to unclaimed property (more than $300 million in both Washington and Utah), and ensures that their assets go where needed, are titled and held properly, and are managed in the best way, all the while avoiding court and conflict. And then I follow up to make sure clients follow through. I don't know of any other lawyers who do that for their clients. I think it 's important not just to have a plan, but to have a plan that will actually work when it's needed. And that means getting into the details.

Tracking is powerful. What do you want to increase or improve? Health? Time? Money? Peace of mind? Anything you track will improve. Anything. Give it a try.


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