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John Anderson, Esquire

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Meet John Anderson, Esquire

Just talk to me. You're not going to get a bill for that.


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Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts

More than just documents. Actually learn what you need to know and do to protect your kids, your money, and yourself if something happens to you.

This is the exact opposite of litigation. Avoid court. Avoid conflict. Take control over what happens. Having the right plan in place makes all the difference.

Because John has handled so many of the cases where things go wrong, he knows how to make sure things go right for you.

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Business & General Litigation

John is a trial lawyer. He is not afraid to go to court and fight for you. With more than 12 years of substantial courtroom experience, John knows his way around the law. 

He also knows you're a real person. You want to know what's going on with your case and you want your questions answered, so John never bills you when you call with questions.

That's new. And you'll find that your experience working with John is like never before. If you need to sue someone or are being sued (or if you need to avoid all that before it happens), John can help.

(Pictured here: King County Courthouse, Seattle)

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Criminal Defense

In trouble with the law? Arrested? Under investigation? John has handled hundreds of criminal cases in state and federal court.

He knows how you can protect your rights, and he knows how to fight to defend you against the government.

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What clients say about working with John:

"John kept me well informed and I got everything I wanted and needed in my case. I can't imagine working with someone better."

Got everything she asked for

"The patience and understanding John had for my situation was incredible! During a time where everyone looked at me as a mistake, John saw a second chance. He was always up to date about any information that I needed to know. With John I didn't feel like a paycheck. I felt like a person who was being respected and helped."

Avoided jail

"John, You are amazing! Organized, proactive, efficient, exemplary. Thanks for all you have taught me. I don't think I have ever worked with any attorney like you."

Dr. J.L.R.
Counselor/Therapist involved in case

"After talking with John, I knew my rights. John was very open with me, and after talking with him I felt confident in my decisions going forward to mediation. I was able to stand my ground and debate the points that were important to me. I am grateful to John for the help I received."

Saved thousands after getting help

The Esquire's Upcoming Events

Seminars and education so you can make smart choices.

Don't Leave Your Family at Risk!

FREE Live Webinars | Multiple Dates

Learn how to protect your children and your assets from the government, from predators, and from themselves. Practical information to help you make smart, informed choices about setting up a plan that will work when you need it most.

Upcoming webinar schedule:

  • Wednesday, February 26, 7 pm
  • Wednesday, March 11, 7 pm
  • Saturday, March 28, 11 am
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A Better Way!

No-fluff personal and professional development training for educated professionals.

Get focused, time-sensitive training on increasing productivity, setting and attaining goals, effective time management, work-life balance, and many more of the things that you want to improve in order to experience true success and real fulfillment.

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LAW: Lawyers Always Win: How Ignorance of the Law Is Costing You EVERYTHING!

A business person with legal knowledge will do a better deal, have greater success in court, and be more likely to get paid. A person who approaches their divorce case knowing how the system works, what the issues are, and how to effectively work with their lawyer will get through the process twice as fast for half the cost. A criminal defendant will fare better, an heir recover more, and an injured person obtain a greater recovery from insurance if that person is better informed. Because when they are better informed, they will be better represented.

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