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April Fool's Day & Other Nonsense Holidays

Apr 01, 2021

I totally got got today by fake news. A friend sent a link to me, and I was completely taken—hook, line, and sinker. It was wonderful!

April Fool's Day can be a delightful holiday. Except that it is not actually a holiday. That's why we all still went to work.

Some speculate that the day stemmed from the changeover in France from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar in 1582. Others tie it to the ancient Roman festival, Hilaria, or to the vernal equinox. Somehow, the result is that we try to catch each other by lying or, in the most fantastic cases, by staging elaborate hoaxes with full-on support. (Like in 1998 when Burger King advertised "a left-handed Whopper" and people started ordering the fake sandwich.)

So, to contribute to the nonsense, but with an eye toward education (as always), I have listed a number of other nonsense holidays happening this month in addition to the real holidays of Easter and Tax Day (whoops, that's not a holiday, though we spend an awful lot of time and money worrying about it; and it's not even in April this year*). With some commentary. You might be surprised the things people with too much idle time can come up with. Enjoy:

Apr 1: Fun at Work Day (this should be every day that you're at work; come on people)

Apr 2: Walk to Work Day (unless you live too far to walk; then, maybe take the stairs)

Apr 3: World Party Day (a mask-uerade ball? without the ball? on zoom?)

Apr 4: Tell a Lie Day (why isn't this one April 1?)

Apr 5: Read a Road Map Day (obsolete these days: just ask Siri)

Apr 6: Sorry Charlie Day (what does this even mean?)

Apr 10: Siblings Day (probably considered discriminatory these days; what if you don't have siblings?)

Apr 11: Submarine Day and Barbershop Quartet Day (at least there is likely to be some good entertainment (though maybe not this year . . . sad))

Apr 12: Grilled Cheese Day and Yuri's Night (did Yuri like grilled cheese?)

Apr 13: Be Kind to Lawyers Day (my favorite; this is a good one) and Scrabble Day

Apr 14: International Moment of Laughter Day and Reach As High As You Can Day and Look Up at the Sky Day (what's up there, and why am I laughing at it?)

Apr 16: Eggs Benedict Day and Wear Pajamas to Work Day (now that is a nice combination)

Apr 17: Haiku Poetry Day (I think I might die, trying to write a poem, that fits the structure)

Apr 18: Columnist Day

Apr 20: Look Alike Day (look alike what?)

Apr 22: Jelly Bean Day, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Apr 23: Take a Chance Day, Impossible Astronaut Day, Lover's Day (that's an interesting combination)

Apr 25: DNA Day and World Pinhole Photography Day (do people still do this?)

Apr 26: Pretzel Day and Richter Scale Day

Apr 29: Zipper Day

Apr 30: Honesty Day (to make up for April 1?)

Anyway, hope you have a great April Fools Day. Hope you don't get taken too badly. But then again, that does make the day fun. And life's too short to not be fun.

* Tax Day was extended to May 17, in case you didn't know


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