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It starts with you

It's your case! It's your stuff! It's your kids! It's your life!

Do you know how the system works?

If you don't, then you get swept up in it. This can lead to long cases, high costs, and unbearable stress.

Do you know how to work with your lawyer?

Do you even need a lawyer? Do you know how to choose one? Do you know how to work with your lawyer to keep your costs down? Or do you like being billed, and billed, and billed?

Do you know which issues matter?

If not, you're going to fight about things that don't matter at all. And you get to pay for that. Yippee!


"It depends," says the lawyer. Because it always does.

It depends on what you know. It depends on what you understand. Because those things lead you to your choices. Your lawyer is going to ask you, "what do you want to do?" Because you've enjoyed Hollywood movies and TV shows your whole life, you'll answer, "I want to fight! I want to win! I want the kids! I want the house!" because that's what Hollywood has taught you to say.

And your lawyer smiles and says, "I can help you with that." 

The lawyer, most of the time, already knows what the outcome of your case is going to be. The lawyer knows how the system works. The lawyer knows which issues matter and how those issues will likely be decided. But the lawyer has been educated, trained, and conditioned to "zealously defend the interests of his or her client." That's you! And so, if you say you want to fight about stupid things that don't matter, the lawyer, often, will do just that. And bill you for it. A lot.

You need to learn. For yourself. The guides and courses below will help you. Or you can just pay your lawyer too much. (Your lawyer won't mind. I promise.)

Save time

You've heard the horror stories—people fighting for YEARS in their divorce case. Most states make you wait 90 days to get a divorce, not years. So what is happening?

The legal system is built to go slowly. Intentionally. The idea is that, by going slowly and giving everyone a chance to prove their case, we'll end up at this place called "truth." It's a great theory and it works really, really well when the answer is black and white. "Did you kill that person?" "Did you have the drugs in your pocket?" "Did you pay what you owed?" Etc.

Divorce issues aren't black and white. There are lots of grays. Because people have lots of issues.

Do you know which issues matter? Do you know how common divorce issues are decided? Or do you just know about your cousin's new boyfriend who got screwed in his divorce that took two and a half years? 

Spoiler Alert: Nearly all cases can be resolved within the 90-day waiting period. If people will learn. The guides and courses below will help you.

Save money

$1.2 million. That's how much the Vanderzons paid for their divorce. On appeal, the court explained that a certain issue in their case was "unusually complex and contentious." But the kicker: The majority of the money spent on the case was for "unrelated matters." Insanity. Or stupidity. 

96% of divorce lawyers bill by the hour. The more time they spend doing what you've asked them to do—because you don't have any idea how the system works or which issues really matter—the more money they make, and the more you spend.

People will put more time, money, and effort into planning a single vacation than they will invest in learning the basics that will save them thousands or tens of thousands of dollars and help impact them positively for the rest of their lives. Don't be that person. Learn. The guides and courses below will help you.

Avoid ruin

"Knowledge is not power. It is empowering. It's what you do with it that matters!" — John W. Anderson, Esquire

People are stupid. They refuse to get educated. They refuse to take a little time, or spend a little money, or sacrifice a little pleasure in order to learn what they need to know to help themselves. Instead, they buy into Hollywood's portrayal, hope they've picked the right lawyer, and leap blindly into one of the few decisions in their lives that actually matters and makes a real difference for their future, for good or bad. Too often, people are ruined.

They take too long. They spend too much. They fight over the wrong things, or too many things. Or they rush through it and make poor choices, and then they try and fix their problems by spending thousands more fighting for years afterward. All of this nonsense is easily avoidable.

You can avoid ruin. Imagine getting through your divorce case quickly and easily, for reasonable cost, and then moving on with your new life knowing that you made smart choices, and never looking back. 

Your divorce can be a positive, timely, cost-effective experience if you learn how to make it one. The guides and courses below will help you.

The Esquire's Courses and Guides

Learn. Save time. Save money. Avoid ruin.

Divorce Academy

Learn EVERYTHING you need to know to get through your divorce TWICE AS FAST for HALF THE COST. How the system works. What issues matter. Best approaches. Best practices.

The most comprehensive course on divorce anywhere. For the cost of about one billable hour of your lawyer's time, you can learn what you need to save thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars.

$379 for lifetime access to 90+ videos (and much more)

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Divorce Lawyers 101

For most people going through divorce, their lawyer is their biggest expense. Do you even need one? And if you do need one, do you know how to choose the best one for YOU? This FREE guide explains when you need a lawyer, how to choose one, and how to work with your lawyer to keep your costs down.

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The Big 4 Divorce

There are only four real issues in a divorce case. The further you get from them, the longer your case takes and the more it costs. Learn how to stay on track with this FREE guide.

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3 Little Ways to Save BIG

By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. In this FREE guide, the Esquire shares three little things you can do to cut your lawyer bill big time.

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3 Divorce Myths that Wreak Havoc

The things you think you know about divorce—probably myths. Delightful stories that make for great Hollywood movies or TV shows, or gossip around the water cooler, but will destroy you if you don't wise up. Learn the truth in this FREE guide.

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Alimony Anecdote

Will you get alimony? Will you pay? The fight over alimony is sooo alluring. This FREE guide will help you recognize when the fight gets you nothing for something. You caught that? Yes, it's backwards. Because you could pay a lot and get nothing back. That sounds fun! Not.

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LAW: Lawyers Always Win: How Ignorance of the Law Is Costing You EVERYTHING!

A person who approaches their divorce case with knowledge of how the system works, what the issues are, and how to effectively work with their lawyer will get through the process twice as fast for less than half the cost. A criminal defendant will fare better, an heir recover more, and an injured person obtain a greater recovery from insurance if that person is better informed. Because when they are better informed, they will be better represented.

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