How are we handling the coronavirus pandemic?

We're improving our service and getting better at what we do

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Get educated.

Education and reliable information goes a long way toward making smart decisions.

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Plan for the best.

For the vast majority of people, everything is going to be okay.

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Prepare for the worst.

Because we don't control everything, being prepared helps us weather the storm.

What we're doing for you:

We believe we have some of the best systems and methods for providing significant legal service and value to our clients anywhere. We are always improving and learning, and we pass on the lessons we learn to you.

Technology allows us to be very adaptable, and we try to utilize technology and automation to facilitate responsive communication, useful and applicable education, and appropriate follow-up. That said, we understand that some of our clients, especially those with limited experience or access to technology, sometimes prefer the old-school, person-to-person approach. In our effort to balance so many competing demands, including safety, we are making the following upgrades and adjustments to our practice.

  • We are providing more options for communications and meetings
  • We are upgrading education and providing more video content
  • We are making special accommodations for those who are at risk

Communications and Meetings

We still prefer meeting clients in person, at least once at the beginning of a case or for estate planning purposes. But if you prefer, we can now provide the following:

  • Initial consultations via video conferencing
  • The entire estate planning process, including your Family Wealth Planning Session, can be done via video conferencing (with the exception of your document signing meeting)
  • Shortened Family Wealth Planning Sessions for clients who participate in online learning modules in advance of the session
  • Shortened document signing meetings for clients who review documents with counsel online in advance of the meeting


Reliable education is vital to making smart, informed legal decisions. Decisions made out of fear or while in the throes of emotion will cause you ruin. We want you to be informed, and we provide the following ways to obtain the education you need:

  • Live seminars for those who want personal interaction, usually with food provided, often in smaller, intimate groups
  • Online webinars
  • Free video guides in a variety of areas on our website
  • Expanding video libraries, both our free videos/guides and formal courses and subscription series
  • The Esquire's Advisor Series (which is made available to clients of the firm)
  • A Better Way, the Esquire's personal and professional development series
  • Custom speaking engagements (if you'd like custom education presented at your business or organization)

Special accommodations

We recognize that a limited number of people are at risk or must take special precautions because they regularly interact with people who are at risk. For those with these concerns, we provide:

  • Mobile notary and witnesses for your document planning meeting (we come to you)

If you think this applies to you, please contact us to discuss and we'll make appropriate arrangements.

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